MKV Player 2.1.24

Simple and easy-to-use platform for playing MKV video files

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MKV Player 2.1.24
MKV Player 2.1.13

MKV Player is a piece of software designed to play MKV files along with several other common video and audio file types. The software is entirely free, and it isn't especially difficult or overly complex.

Both the functionality and the aesthetic of MKV Player are made to be simple. This simplicity makes the software highly accessible to those who have little or no experience with media playback apps. When the app window is open, you only see a single pane for the content, and beneath the content is a series of control buttons that produce different playback effects. There's also a standard timeline that allows you to jump to any point in the footage.

One interesting feature of the software is the true simplicity of the buttons. Unlike other media players that employ symbolic representation for their controls, such as the standard solid arrow to start the Play feature, MKV Player features buttons labeled with words. That means you have a button that says Stop instead of a button that features the solid square that usually represents the Stop function.

You won't find any advanced options or settings in MKV Player, and the options that are included aren't easy to find or use. A drop down menu located under the content contains several limited options. You can alter the subtitle delay when subtitles are employed for optimal syncing, and you can change the video playback speed slightly. You can also alter file associations, but this is relatively unnecessary.

Unlike other more advanced pieces of software in this category, like VLC Media Player, MKV Player does not include any integrated video effects. It also doesn't have an equalizer, which limits your ability to fine-tune the playback of your content. Unfortunately, there is no documentation for the software online, so you'll have no choice but to teach yourself the subtleties of the player.

MKV Player is sufficient if you only want to play video or audio files. It's nice that the software is named after one of the rarest formats it is capable of playing, but more and more players are starting to adopt 'universal' compatibility, so that feature isn't anything to write home about. You'll probably want to find another option if you want software with any significant tools, options, or sophistication.

The simplicity of MKV Player is perhaps its strongest feature. Its exceptionally basic functionality means it requires few system resources, and the fact it only supports a handful of basic playback functions means anyone can use the software with ease. The software was developed by VSeven Software, but you won't find any adequate documentation on their site or any other.

If you have MKV files that you can only play through this player, you could easily convert those files into a more suitable format for other players. For instance, you could use free software to convert your MKV files to MP4 video files that can be played through basically all media playback apps.


  • Intuitive Utility


  • No Documentation
  • Limited Options

MKV is a highly functional but simple to use video player designed for the Matroska media container.

A comprehensive range of video files can be encoded and encapsulated within an open source MKV container, including MP4, WMV, H.263 and H.264. A sturdy and quickly maturing format, MKV containers also accomodate different audio file standards and subtitle formats. An entire DVD can be encoded as a Matroska container, with the media envelope storing several soundtrack options, menus, chapters, and subtitle languages. Compressed and lossless media is supported as is high bitrates. This new standard is quickly becoming desirable when encoding high-definition video and is finding support among major multimedia manufacturers.

Enabling fast and simple playback of Matroska files, the MKV Player enables playback without skipping or jerkiness. You can play high-definition, densely encoded files with ease on computers equipped with low memory and less than stellar processors. The emphasis of the player is firmly on simplicity of operation, allowing any technophobe to easily start a video file playing with a minimum of effort. Fuss-free and fun, the Mv Player's video playback software program occupies little space on the hard drive and is completely free to download and use.

Upon installation and first running the software, the user is presented with a basic interface that incorporates the simplest playback controls and a skinny timeline control. Standard video playback buttons are replaced by large, blocky controls labelled for playing, pausing, stopping, and opening video files. Clicking the "open" button results in a new window popping up which asks for the source directory of the Matroska file. This is about as complex as the program ever gets. Matroska video files all use the three letter MKV extension, so it's a simple matter to find a file to load on the player.


  • Easy to control and configure
  • Handy screen capture button
  • Places little memory and processor overhead on computers
  • Option to alter subtitle delay
  • Timeline control for quickly locating desired playback point


  • Lacks documentation and help files
  • Few advanced features
  • No video effects
  • Other video players required for playing different formats

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